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Sep 10, 2023: Webinar - WorldBuilders of Science Fiction and Fantasy

WorldBuilders of SF&F Hugo Award nominated photographer Richard Man will talk about his project, "WorldBuilders of Science Fiction and Fantasy." Starting in 2015, Richard set out to photograph SF&F genre creators: writers, artists, occasionally editors, etc, Using a traditional large-format 4"x5" film camera. This painstaking photography process captures the essence of the person in front of the camera; a picture that tells a thousand-word story. Richard has also been photographing portraits of costumers with a similar setup and intent, and he will also discuss that project during his talk. See the August 2023 issue of VC for details

Oct 8, 2023: Webinar - Beetle Wing Embellishment

WorldBuilders of SF&F Delicate and luminous beetle wings have been used for embellishing costumes and accessories for at least 150 years. J. Leia Lima Baum, a fashion consultant whose interests are equally divided between the past, present, and future of fashion, offers a pictorial overview of beetle wings throughout history in various cultures, followed by the Indian tradition of metalwork embroidery and its subsequent spread worldwide, with a live demo of techniques. See the August 2023 issue of VC for details

Nov 5, 2023: Webinar - Inside the ICG Pat and Peggy Kennedy Memorial Archives

ICG Logo The International Costumers' Guild's Pat and Peggy Kennedy Memorial Archives is the world's largest collection of photographs, video and paper ephemera records of the costuming art in relation to Science Fiction conventions. In this webinar, the Archives team will talk about their work preserving the history of costuming, including some recent project, their processes, the equipment and software they use, and how the digital and physical collection is stored. This is your chance for an inside look at the ICG Archives and what it does. See the August 2023 issue of VC for details

Dec 10, 2023: Webinar - Reenactress: Discovering the Women Warriors of the Civil War

Reenactress Over 250 Civil War soldiers were actually women disguised as men. The number is so vague because the historical record is incomplete due to these heroines' amazing ability to pull off their disguises. In her first full-length documentary, Reenactress, director and re-enactor J.R. Hardman explores the history of women warriors who fought bravely in the service of their countries during the Civil War, both Confederate and Union. In this webinar, J.R. will discuss how she was inspired to make the documentary and talk about the process of bringing these historical figures to life through reenactment. See the August 2023 issue of VC for details

Jan 14, 2024: Webinar - Becoming Edith Head: In conversation with Susan Claassen

Susan Claassen Costume designer Edith Head is legendary in the world of costume design, winning a record eight Academy Awards for Best Costume Design between 1949 and 1973. With her one-woman show, "A Conversation with Edith Head,"" actress Susan Claassen created a highly-acclaimed theatrical performance based upon the legendary Hollywood costume designer that has toured around the world. In this webinar, Susan will talk about the show, and how she discovered her strong physical resemblance to Edith Head and realized that there was a compelling story to be told. She will also discuss her extensive research to gain deeper insight into the woman behind the legend, as well as her career as an actress and as the Managing Artistic Director of the Invisible Theatre in Tucson, Arizona. See the November 2023 issue of VC for details

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