Silicon Web Costumer's Guild

  • Steampunk Airship Pirates

    2012 Dreamcatcher Award

    Charles Wayman for "Steampunk Airship Pirates"

  • Doctor Oktopus

    2009 Dreamcatcher Award

    David Stephenson as "Dr. Oktopus"

  • Kimono Dragon

    2012 Dreamcatcher Award

    Closeup of "Kimono Dragon" by Becky and Michael Maung

  • Cuddles and Megaphant

    2005 Dreamcatcher Award

    Eric Yee & Mark Murillo for "Cuddles aka Gezora from Toho Monster Movie vs Megaphant the Death Beast of Tokyo"

  • Mad-Eye Moody

    2007 Dreamcatcher Award

    Chris LoPresto, for "Mad Eye Moody"

  • Kabuki Dance Revolution

    2010 Dreamcatcher Award

    Mikhail & Katrina Lynn for "Kabuki Dance Revolution Extreme"

  • We Lost

    2008 Dreamcatcher Award

    Lynette Eklund, Lance Ikegawa and Jen Seng for "We Lost"

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